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Surgical Sensors for
Cochlear Implants

Taking The Guess Work Out Of Getting A Cochlear Implant

Our solution empowers surgeons with the ability to perform less traumatic insertions and preserve residual hearing

Better Hearing For More People

Advanced Optronics is growing the cochlear implant market

Who We Are

A team of engineers from Carnegie Mellon University developing flexible, biocompatible sensor systems to enable smarter, less invasive surgery for a variety of medical applications

What We Do

Our technology uses flexible micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) sensors integrated with the cochlear implant electrode to provide real-time feedback to surgeons to improve patient outcomes

Where We're Going

We envision follow-on markets for our technology, including post-operative monitoring of orthopedic implants to further our mission to provide better healthcare to all


The latest news and milestones for Advanced Optronics