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Advanced Optronics Participates in NSF I-Corps

March 2023

In March 2023, Advanced Optronics received a vital boost through a $50,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corps grant, dedicated to advancing our understanding of customer needs and market dynamics. The grant facilitated a comprehensive customer discovery journey, led by Hannah Mormer. Elora Gupta, our Regulatory Advisor, played a pivotal role as the industry mentor, guiding us through the process.

Through this grant-supported initiative, we conducted in-depth interviews with more than 100 stakeholders, delving into their experiences and challenges. The grant also supported travel to two significant events: the American Cochlear Implant Alliance Annual Conference in Dallas and the Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses in California. These conferences allowed us to further connect with innovators and thought leaders in the field.